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Welcome To My Home Page

My name is Lakota Moon. I am a Spiritual Psychic. My friend (Hiawatha)and I do spiritual development for others. Anyone interested in spiritual development for yourself and/or friends please contact me.

This is my spiritual site that will tell you about my trials and tribulations as a psychic.

I hope you pick up some knowledge and wisdom from what you see and read here.

If you are seeking a spiritual path you will have much joy on your path.

Where does it come from?
Is it me? Is it you?

Clairvoyancy is the psychic art of clear seeing and real knowing.

Clairvoyancy gives meaning to vague feelings and notions that are too easily dismissed as mere imagination. How many times have you seen something, felt something, or known something, only to brush past the idea or feeling to later discover that you were right?

Accept your knowing. Follow the feeling. Listen for the insight.


Clairvoyancy is one of the ways we communicate with our guides, and the Higher Self within, through speech and channelling. It is widely used in "Readings" by those gifted with the ability to used it, to help others on their life paths in various ways. Clairvoyancy is NOT something that can be Learned, but a Gift that the Recipient cannot claim laurels for. The Recipient, however, does have a huge responsibility to use this gift wisely, compassionately, and sensitively. The Karmic cause and effect package comes into play here.

There is a need to exercise caution when choosing a "Clairvoyant" for a Reading ; because there are no formal qualifications in this field, unscrupulous and sometimes dishonest individuals will present themselves as Clairvoyants simply to make money. Dedicated and sincerely gifted Clairvoyants (who, incidentally, also have to earn to live ) will usually have educated themselves in the fields of counselling, in some way, and will have survived in the field over a period of time. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating !! Listen to the inner voice that guides us to and recognises truth, follow your instinctual response to the Clairvoyant when first you speak to them and make a few practical, down to earth enquiries of her/him before committing yourself to an appointment. Questions like "How long have you been doing this? " and "Do you have linked qualifications, if so, what?" If nothing else, that will create time for your instinctual response to make itself felt. Irresponsible counselling at any level can cause chaos in lives. A good Clairvoyant can throw light, hope and direction into even the worst of situations, and sometimes suggest solutions we may have overlooked in our too close proximity to the problem. Unfortunately, the bad apple syndrome applies here as in all of life, and unscrupulous "Fortune Tellers" have somewhat tarnished the title "Clairvoyant". Remember, a Clairvoyant is not God, nor is she/he always 100% right in her interpretation of what she/he has given for you, and that extravagant self praise is no praise at all !! There are many genuine, gifted Readers who could be of real help to you with your problems. Search one out. Put your antennae up, and you will find one that will suit you and your approach to life. The charlatans amongst us do not last long at any one address or profession, and this media is no exception.

Welcome To My Spiritual Journey
My Spiritual journey began ten years ago in 1992!
I began as a Clairvoyant.
doing readings using psychommetry and/or Tarot cards.

Two years later I started the first circle in Spiritual Development, helping and assisting others to develop their own gifts.
Two years later I began the Psychic work.
We formed 12 circles in total all over New Zealand.
Each circle held up to twelve people.
All were taught the basics of Clairvoyancy.
A year later the psychic work began.
Then the Healing, and all psychic development.

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